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Why AoA Technology is the Future of Location Tracking


Are you tired of constantly losing your valuable items or struggling to keep track of employees in a large workspace? Look no further than AoA technology! This innovative method of location tracking is revolutionizing the way businesses monitor their assets. With increased accuracy and efficiency, AoA technology is quickly becoming the future of location tracking. Discover how this cutting-edge solution can benefit you in more ways than one.

What AoA Technology is and How it works

AoA technology, or Angle-of-Arrival technology, is a type of localization that uses the angle of arrival of a signal to determine the location of an object. Unlike GPS, which uses satellites to locate the position of an object, AoA technology uses a network of antennae to determine the angle at which a signal arrives. This information is then used to calculate the position of the object.


Advantages of AoA Technology for Location Tracking

AoA technology has a number of advantages for location tracking. First, it is more accurate to be applied to indoor positioning than GPS, which means that AoA can more accurately pinpoint the location of a device, even when there are obstacles in the way.


Second, AoA does not require a direct line of sight between the device (the transmitter) and the gateway or anchor (the receiver). This makes it more reliable than GPS for devices that are located in areas within tall buildings or with other obstructions. For example, AoA can be used to track devices inside buildings without the need for satellite signals.


Third, AoA is much faster than GPS when it comes to providing location updates. This makes it ideal for applications that require frequent updates such as vehicle tracking or asset management systems.


Finally, AoA requires less power than GPS. This makes it more suitable for devices that are powered by batteries and need to conserve power.




In conclusion, AoA technology is an innovative and advanced way of tracking locations. It has the potential to revolutionize the location-tracking industry by offering more accurate and reliable data than ever before. With its ability to track multiple devices simultaneously and offer real-time updates, it’s easy to see why this technology will be the future of location tracking. With years of experience and a professional R&D team, Blueiot has made great breakthroughs in this field. If you are interested in using AoA technology for your next project, contact us today!
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