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Enhancing Precision and Efficiency in Tracking with the Pro Type BA3000-p


Nowadays, efficient tracking and positioning technologies play a vital role in various industries. Blueiot introduces its revolutionary Bluetooth location device, the Pro Type BA3000-p, which offers sub-meter-level high-precision positioning capabilities. This advanced device supports Power over Ethernet (POE) and DC power, making it highly adaptable to diverse scenarios. With its multi-cascade support and hidden line design, the Pro Type BA3000-p simplifies deployment and provides superior protection in complex outdoor environments. Additionally, the device offers wired communication options, ensuring seamless integration across multiple applications.


Sub-Meter-Level High-Precision Positioning

The Pro Type BA3000-p by Blueiot stands out for its exceptional sub-meter-level high-precision positioning capabilities. Leveraging the power of Bluetooth technology, this device enables accurate tracking and positioning of assets, vehicles, or people with remarkable precision. Whether in warehouses, logistics centers, or large-scale facilities, the Pro Type BA3000-p ensures reliable and real-time data for enhanced operational efficiency.

Streamline Deployment with Multi-Cascade Support

With support for multi-cascade configurations, the Pro Type BA3000-p significantly reduces the complexity of deployment. This feature allows multiple devices to be interconnected, creating a seamless network that covers a wider area. By eliminating the need for extensive wiring and infrastructure modifications, the Pro Type BA3000-p offers a cost-effective solution while maintaining the integrity of the tracking system.

Superior Protection and Adaptability in Outdoor and Indoor Environments

Designed to excel in demanding Outdoor and Indoor environments, the Pro Type BA3000-p incorporates super protection features and a hidden line design. This ensures durability and resilience against harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and physical impacts, making it highly suitable for industries such as construction, mining, and agriculture.

Versatile Communication Methods for Diverse Applications

Blueiot's Pro Type BA3000-p goes beyond Bluetooth capabilities by offering support for wired and other communication methods. This versatility allows seamless integration with various systems, protocols, and applications. Whether it's integrating with existing infrastructure or catering to specialized use cases, the device ensures compatibility and efficiency across diverse scenarios.


Blueiot's Pro Type BA3000-p Bluetooth location device is a game-changer in the field of tracking and positioning. With the sub-meter-level high-precision positioning, multi-cascade support, and adaptability to outdoor environments, the Pro Type BA3000-p offers unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Its superior protection features and versatile communication methods make it an ideal choice for industries seeking innovative solutions to enhance operational workflows. Embrace the power of Blueiot's technology and unlock new possibilities in asset management, logistics optimization, and workforce tracking.

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