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BLE Indoor Positioning Empowers Public Security Sector

Blueiot solutions apply high-precision BLE indoor positioning technology to law enforcement agencies to keep staff and detainees safe, and to modernize and standardize law enforcement process.                    

real time tracking system
Sub-meter precision
real time tracking system
Electronic fence
real time tracking system
Individualized tracking

What We Do with RTLS in Safety & Security

The real time tracking system can be a valuable tool for law enforcement agencies to enhance their surveillance, tracking, and response capabilities. The BLE tracking system can provide real-time location data on officers, prisoners, and automobiles to better improve law enforcement, ultimately leading to a safer and more secure environment for citizens.

real time tracking system

Safety and Security

Health monitoring
  • Wristbands check the vital signs of prisoners or detainees in real time.

  • Abnormal data will trigger an alarm, and call for medical assistance.

Real-time surveillance

In case of any abnormal activity, such as unauthorized gathering, stray-away or breaking into a banned area, an alarm will be sent.

A pre-warning system
  • The system allows a playback of the movement of people or automobiles. 

  • Unusual cases can be identified via data analysis or comparison.

real time tracking system

Management and Staffing

Attendance checking
  • Everyday clock-in and clock-out of staff can be automatically done.

  • Real-time monitoring to ensure detainees are in position.

Automatic patrolling

Officers can be informed of patrolling tasks and their performance can be recorded, including the time, duration, frequency.


During trials or visiting hours, if the detainee is not accompanied by enough officers as required, the system will send a prompt and available officers can be dispatched.

How Does RTLS Work in Safety & Security?

real time tracking system real time tracking system

When Blueiot AOA anchors are deployed based on the actual needs and the interior or outdoor architecture, and Blueiot or its partner tags are attached to people, vehicles or assets, data will be collected and sent to AOA engine for resolving, and then transformed into a visualized dynamic interface on Blueiot platforms.

Blueiot RTLS Advantages in Safety & Security?

real time tracking system
High Accuracy

BlueIoT provides a high-precision real-time locating system (RTLS) with the accuracy of 0.1-0.5m.

real time tracking system
High Capacity

BlueIoT solutions support the interconnection between one anchor and 500 tags simultaneously.

real time tracking system
Broad Ecosystem

BlueIoT boasts a broad Bluetooth ecosystem for all BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices to work.

real time tracking system
Low Power

Bluetooth AoA devices developed by BlueIoT have an average battery life of up to five years.

real time tracking system
Low Cost

BlueIoT provides AoA-based RTLS solutions for various industries in a cost-effective way.

real time tracking system
Small Size

AoA locating tags designed by BlueIoT are small-sized, light-weighted and easy to carry.

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