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RTLS Promotes Car Park Management

Drivers are often troubled by finding a parking space, especially in rush hours. Endless and aimless searches cost time and money. Blueiot applies Bluetooth AoA technology to promote car park management by providing high-precision indoor positioning solutions to make parking service faster and more convenient.

real time monitoring system
Sub-meter precision
real time monitoring system
Electronic fence
real time monitoring system
Individualized tracking

What We Do with RTLS in Parking Space

Bluetooth RTLS parking management solutions provide accurate and real-time location data of vehicles within a parking facility, promoting better  car park management. This data can be used to improve the overall parking experience for drivers and the real-time monitoring system can optimize parking operations for car park operators.

real time monitoring system

Efficient Management

Real-time surveillance
  • Track any part of the parking lot and oversee its present running state.

  • In case of any available park space, its location will  be displayed on the electronic map.

Automatic billing

The entry or exit of a car can be recorded, according to which its duration and fees will be counted.

Multisensory interaction
  • The camera system is integrated into the application system so that real scenes are closely watched.

  • Once any emergency is detected, alarm can be triggered and escape route

Smart Staff Management
  • Clock-in and clock-out can be automatically completed.

  • The location and movement of staff are supervised.

  • Quick response to emergency can be realized by dispatching the nearest staff.

real time monitoring system

Improve customer experience

Finding a parking space conveniently
  • Check if there is any available parking space in advance and make a reservation.

  • Search for information about the parking lot, such as where it is and how it charges.

Locating your car accurately

The entry or exit of a car can be recorded, according to which its duration and fees will be counted.

AR navigation service

Confused by the directions?Never mind!AR technology makes it possible to switch the road map into the real view and find your way quickly.

Self-service payment

The system can automatically show the fees to be paid and never forget to explore the coupon service!

How Does RTLS Work in Parking Space

real time monitoring system real time monitoring system

When Blueiot AOA anchors are deployed based on the actual needs and the interior or outdoor architecture, and Blueiot or its partner tags are attached to people, vehicles or assets, data will be collected and sent to AOA engine for resolving, and then transformed into a visualized dynamic interface on Blueiot platforms.

Blueiot RTLS Advantages in Parking Space

real time monitoring system
High Accuracy

BlueIoT real-time location system (RTLS) can achieve the accuracy of 0.1~0.5m.

real time monitoring system
High Capacity

A BlueIoT AoA anchor receives data from 500 tags concurrently within 1 second.

real time monitoring system
Broad Ecosystem

BlueIoT high-precision indoor positioning system boasts an open ecosystem.

real time monitoring system
Low Power

The average battery life of BlueIoT AoA devices can reach as long as five years.

real time monitoring system
Low Cost

BlueIoT AoA-based RTLS solutions apply to various industries at a favorable price.

real time monitoring system
Small Size

BlueIoT AoA locating tags are designed to be light in weight and small in size.

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