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Leon Wu Regional Sales Manager, North&East China, Nordic Semiconductor July, 2022
“We believe BlueIoT plays an important role in AoA solution design and deployment, the optimization of their algorithm can make customers enjoy the precise location service of BLE and fast commercialization.”
IoT Intelligence Report IoT community July, 2022
“The global indoor location market size is set to grow at a CAGR of 22.9% by 2026… Blueiot has an open and broad ecosystem and is dedicated to forming partnerships with various organizations within the Bluetooth AoA field and tag supplies in order to enhance its product offerings.”
Stephen Mellor CTO, IIC November, 2022
“We are delighted to welcome Blueiot to the Industry IoT Consortium. Their knowledge and experience with Bluetooth in various industries will help our members as we work to help businesses all over the world with digital transformation.”
Steve Statler Host of the Mr. Beacon Podcast December, 2022
BlueIOT is an angle of arrival (AoA) solution provider. Angle of arrival is a great technology, and it's a means of using Bluetooth tags, Bluetooth beacons to get very accurate asset tracking . As Ambient IoT starts to mature and we start to connect more and more things with the internet, I think it's really important to have choice and competition. All boats will rise, the segment will get bigger.
International hospital December, 2022
“IoT (Internet of Things) is beginning to be used in modern hospitals – and in older hospitals undergoing a digital transformation – to improve efficiency and in turn save more lives. Specifically, a high-precision real-time positioning system can help lead the digital transformation of a hospital and make it much more efficient.”
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