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RTLS Industry 4.0 Solutions to Upgrade Your Manufacturing Processes

A manufacturing workplace involves innumerable people, vehicles and other types of assets. Blueiot RTLS Manufacturing solutions using BLE AoA technology satisfy the need for creating a safe, orderly and productive working environment and accelerate the integration of industry and information.

rtls manufacturing
Sub-meter precision
rtls manufacturing
Electronic fence
rtls manufacturing
Individualized tracking

What We Do with RTLS in Manufacturing

RTLS (Real-Time Location System) technology can upgrade the manufacturing processes in various ways. Precise RTLS asset tracking and personnel monitoring can help to create a more connected, and intelligent manufacturing environment. Here are some of the key benefits of using Blueiot RTLS in manufacturing:

rtls manufacturing

Guarantee safety

Zonal management
  • A workplace is invisibly divided into different zones by electronic fence.

  • Alarm will be sent when people or vehicles are approaching a dangerous or banned area.

Immediate rescue
  • Medical interference can be prepared in advance when wristband tags worn by workers check their vital signs and predict a risk.

  • Once injured, the worker can call for help by clicking a button,  and the rescue team will be directed to the site of accident by following the shortest route.

Epidemic prevention
  • Alarm, vibration or signal light will be triggered if two or more people come closer regardless of the set limit.

  • The entering and leaving time will be recorded and contact can be traced in case of any need for analysis.

rtls manufacturing

Maintain order

Make an inventory
  • Assets including vehicles, equipment and materials can all be matched with corresponding tags.

  • Data about where they are and how many there are will be collected and analyzed.

Personnel management
  • Workers'information is recorded and displayed in an orderly and structural way: name, department, position, etc.

  • The real-time location and trace of each worker or distribution of personnel in a certain area can be visualized in the way of different types of maps.

Real-time tracking
  • When a worker or vehicle with a tag is walking, the path is also being tracked and displayed on the monitor.

  • The locating system can be linked to cameras and transmit the real-time scene on the monitor.

rtls manufacturing

Boost efficiency

Accurate location
  • A mobile equipment is convenient to use, but looking for one is time-consuming.

  • Only when a machine is located and found fast enough can they be put into use fast enough.

  • Calling for and allocating a right person to the right position also matters in improving productivity.

Automatic inspection
  • Inspection time and frequency can be set in advance.

  • The system automatically allocates tasks based on the real-time distribution of inspectors.

  • Whether the inspector arrives in time and duration will be recorded.

Attendance checking
  • Once a worker with a tag comes into or leaves working area, clock-in or clock-out is automatically done.

  • Working hours for one or effective working days for a month or a certain period will also be counted.

How Does RTLS Work in Manufacturing

rtls manufacturing rtls manufacturing

When Blueiot aoa anchors are deployed based on the actual needs and the interior or outdoor architecture, and Blueiot or its partner tags are attached to people, vehicles or assets, data will be collected and sent to AoA engine for resolving, and then transformed into a visualized dynamic interface on Blueiot platforms.

Blueiot RTLS Advantages in Manufacturing

rtls manufacturing
High Accuracy

BlueIoT real-time location system (RTLS) can stably reach the accuracy of 0.1~0.5m.

rtls manufacturing
High Capacity

An AoA anchor can interconnect with 500 tags at the same time within one second.

rtls manufacturing
Broad Ecosystem

BlueIoT provides an open ecology to empower all BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices.

rtls manufacturing
Low Power

The average life span of batteries for BlueIoT AoA devices is expected to reach 5 years.

rtls manufacturing
Low Cost

BlueIoT solutions make AoA-based RTLS technology work in a fairly cost-effective way.

rtls manufacturing
Small Size

BlueIoT tags are designed to be portable, light-weighted, and in a small size as a coin.

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