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RTLS-Empowered Asset Protection of Optical Solutions Leader

A Global Leader in Optical Solutions

As a global leader who has a brand history of over 110 years in optical solutions, the ams OSRAM Group has been dedicated to the innovation of sensing, light source/illumination and visualization technologies and products. It has so far set up 46 production bases in 17 countries around the world, and has a customer base of more than 20,000 enterprises. Listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, the Group's total revenue in 2021 exceeded 5 billion euros. The Group is headquartered in Graz, Austria, with its joint headquarter in Munich, Germany, and employs around 24,000 people worldwide. Now its R&D and production bases in Malaysia have thousands of employees and play a pivotal role in the group.

A Rising Demand for Asset Tracking

With the expansion of business and market and in order to meet the growing demand for R&D and production, OSRAM Malaysia expects to improve productivity and adjusts or upgrades its production lines all the year round. However, in such a rapidly changing environment, orderly and precise management of those machines with various types and sizes has also become a major challenge.

Due to the complexity of classification and the difficulty of manual identification, it is usually quite difficult to find a particular machine, especially when it is frequently moved with the adjustment of the production line, and because of such difficulty in tracking and finding one machine, the discovery of a loss is often delayed and it is also impossible to find out its whereabouts in time. But every loss of a machine is also a huge loss in cost, making accurate positioning and monitoring of equipment urgent and necessary.

What We Do with RTLS

After many tests and evaluations, OSRAM Malaysia and its local agent Regaltech (M) Sdn Bhd finally chose Blueiot's RTLS products based on the latest Bluetooth AoA technology.

Real-time positioning. Each machine is equipped with a small and lightweight asset-type tag, and the machine information is bound to the tag number one by one so that the exact location of each machine can be monitored in real time.

Trajectory tracking. On the location map, staff can view the real-time movement and historical route of any tag. At the same time, the power of the tag will be monitored and the system can issue a low-battery reminder.

Staff dispatchment. Blueiot RTLS products provide personnel with light and wearable tags in the form of a badge or a wristband. During the process of finding the machine, nearby personnel can be dispatched in time through distance monitoring, and the search process can be viewed and directed.

Electronic fence. By deploying invisible electronic fence, the entry and exit of people or machines can be identified and recorded, even with instant alarm sent out, which can effectively prevent the loss of valuable assets or realize the traceability of lost assets.

What We Achieved with Bluetooth AoA

It is learned from Regaltech (M) Sdn Bhd that they once considered UWB based positioning products in the early stage of the investigation, but the signal can be easily affected by surroundings, especially metal structures, and the price is far beyond expected, so Blueiot RTLS products applying the latest Bluetooth AoA technology stood out finally, with the advantages of better price, lower power consumption and a broad ecosystem. They turn asset tracking with a high accuracy (stable sub-meter level) into a reality, with a strong adaptability to the environment and easy-to-use features. Besides, the powerful API interface function also makes Blueiot RTLS perfectly integrated into the existing management system of the factory. 

In this project, Blueiot technical experts offered their professional guidance all along, greatly reducing the difficulty of installation, and the ideal implementation effect of this asset positioning solution was highly affirmed by partners and end users.

What to Expect in the Future

OSRAM Malaysia is now opening their workshop where the positioning system was deployed to local universities for young talents to conduct scientific research. Moreover, this project allows end user and its agent to see the great potential of an integration solution of indoor and outdoor positioning systems and they intend to weave a brand new logistics network in Malaysia. Blueiot will continue to study the latest positioning technology represented by Bluetooth AoA, iteratively update our products, and do our best to realize our scientific and commercial value!

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