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Indoor Position Tracking to Improve Efficiency in Logistics

In logistics, RTLS tracker can be used to optimize the movement and utilization of assets such as vehicles, containers, and inventory. Blueiot provides high-precision indoor positioning solutions based on Bluetooth AoA technology, for retail & logistic industry to be organized and efficient at minimum cost.

real time asset tracking
Sub-meter precision
real time asset tracking
Electronic fence
real time asset tracking
Individualized tracking

What We Do with RTLS in Logistics

RTLS in logistics can help organizations increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve overall supply chain management. By providing real-time asset tracking information, RTLS enables logistics managers to make better decisions and respond quickly to changes in demand or other factors. Some of the specific benefits of RTLS in logistics include:

real time asset tracking

People management

Attendance checking
  • Everyday clock-in and clock-out can be automatically done.

  • When a worker arrives or leaves can be recorded, and how long he/she stays will be calculated.

Ensuring safety
  • Alarm will be sent when people are approaching a dangerous or banned area.

  • Special wristband tags will monitor the vital signs of a worker and inform any abnormal data change.

Real-time surveillance
  • Fast to know where a worker is and where he/she went in case of loaf on the job.

  • Data helps to analyze who is liable in case problems occur.

real time asset tracking

Vehicles and mobile equipment

Minimize the search time
  • Locate the vehicle immediately and lead you to the location as soon as possible.

  • Provide guidance and navigation services for AGV to keep in right direction.

Reduce accidents
  • Tags are attached to people and vehicles, and their location and movement are monitored in real time.

  • Once they come close, alarm will be sent to inform them to keep a safe distance.

Visualized supervision
  • A camera system is integrated into the application system so that the real scenes are broadcast live on the monitor.

  • Easy to check if the vehicle or equipment is operating well.

real time asset tracking

Goods and materials

Real-time tracking

It is clear to see where goods and materials are placed and whether they are misplaced.

Make an inventory

The system will record when goods and materials enter or leave the warehouse, dynamically calculating how many there are in storage.

Automatic inspection

Inspection tasks can be assigned automatically, and whether the inspector arrives in time together with the frequency and the duration of inspection will be recorded.

How Does RTLS Work in Logistics

real time asset tracking real time asset tracking

When Blueiot AoA anchors are deployed based on the actual needs and the interior or outdoor architecture, and Blueiot or its partner tags are attached to people, vehicles or assets, data will be collected and sent to AoA positioning engine for resolving, and then transformed into a visualized dynamic interface on Blueiot platforms.

Blueiot RTLS Advantages in Logistics

real time asset tracking
High Accuracy

BlueIoT RTLS technology makes it possible to achieve a sub-meter accuracy of 0.1-0.5m.

real time asset tracking
High Capacity

One AoA anchor allows 500 tags to upload data concurrently within just one second.

real time asset tracking
Broad Ecosystem

An open ecosystem empowers all kinds of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices.

real time asset tracking
Low Power

The average life span of batteries for BlueIoT Bluetooth AoA devices can reach 5 years.

real time asset tracking
Low Cost

BlueIoT provides fairly cost-effective solutions to make RTLS work in multiple industries.

real time asset tracking
Small Size

AoA locating tags designed by BlueIoT are light in weight, small in size and easy to carry.

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