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Employee Tracking

Employees move in a random and complicated pattern, so the application of RTLS is necessary for companies to check attendance and simplify the registration process for employees to enter work areas, improving efficiency and ensuring safety.

RTLS Applications in Employee Tracking

Accurate Locating RTLS Applications in Employee Tracking

Accurate Locating

The real-time locating of employees allows companies to check or find where they are at any time.

Trajectory RTLS Analysis in Employee Tracking

Trajectory Analysis

The movement of employees can be recorded for necessary analysis in case of accidents.

Ensure Safety RTLS Applications in Employee Tracking

Ensure Safety

Medical assistance is offered faster if there is an abnormal signal sent by the wristband that checks vital signs.

Automatic Clock-in/out RTLS Technology in Employee Tracking

Automatic Clock-in/out

Employees wearing a tag (badge or wristband) can clock in or out automatically.

RTLS Technology in Employee Inspection Management

Inspection Management

The system can assign inspection tasks, inform staff in time, and check punctuality or duration.

Regional Supervision RTLS Technology in Employee Tracking

Regional Supervision

The system can detect anyone closer to a banned area or count the number of staff in one region.

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