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Mobile Navigation

For visitors to explore a museum, stadium, amusement park, tourist attraction or other large-scale sites, it is easy to get lost or time-consuming to find the optimal route. Blueiot RTLS solutions upgrade services and tour experience for visitors and improve efficiency for operators.

RTLS Applications in Mobile Navigation

Panoramic Map RTLS Mobile Navigation System

Panoramic Map

Log in the app, and visitors have a grasp of the whole architecture, especially its indoor structure.

Accurate RTLS Mobile Locating System

Accurate Locating

Visitors can check their real-time location through an app to find where they are and where to go.

Optimal RTLS Mobile Locating System

Optimal Route

For new comers, it is convenient to follow the recommended route with audio narration.

One Click for Help RTLS Mobile Locating System

One Click for Help

Visitors can click the button for help if there is difficulty or emergency and staff know their exact location.

Trajectory Analysis RTLS Mobile Locating System

Trajectory Analysis

Operators adjust strategies or upgrade services accordingly by telling the popularity of different places.

RTLS Mobile Locating System for Emergency Rescue

Emergency Rescue

Visitors and staff in emergency can be found, evacuated or offered medical aid as soon as possible.

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