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Patient Location Tracking System

Patients need both physical and mental care in a comprehensive and detailed way. The use of real time location system (RTLS) in patient tracking system aims to watch their health condition closely, ensure personal safety, and promote the efficiency of emergency care.

RTLS Applications in Patient Tracking

In patient tracking system, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) RTLS can be used to monitor the location and movement of patients within a healthcare facility. Patient monitoring devices, like BLE tags can be attached to patients, and these devices can communicate with BLE anchors or gateways installed throughout the facility. The BLE anchors can then transmit this information to the patient tracking software system. RTLS in patient tracking can improve patient safety, help healthcare providers optimize patient flow and resource allocation, and more.
patient monitoring devices

Monitor Vital Signs

Vital signs like temperature and heartrate are monitored and staff will be informed of any abnormal changes.

patient monitoring devices

Accurate Locating

The location of patients can be tracked in real time in case they get lost or stuck somewhere.

patient monitoring devices

One Click for Help

Patients are able to click the button on the locating tag instantly if they feel unwell or in need of help.

patient monitoring devices

Ensure Safety

If patients step out of the safety zone or near to an unauthorized one, an alarm will be triggered for attention.

patient monitoring devices

Trajectory Analysis

Blueiot RTLS supports a playback for behavior analysis of patients, especially those with mental disorder.

patient monitoring devices

Infant Security

A safe, comfortable and harmless wristband records their identity and monitors their location.

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