BlueIOT (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.
BlueIOT (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

BlueIOT Platform

Blueiot RTLS supports the development of abundant application software, namely, the basic locating system, value-added application system, the big data platform and mobile applications.

Basic Locating System

Basic Locating System

  • Map the indoor space in detail. 

  • Track the location and movement of any tag in real time. 

  • Support the recording and playback of tag movement. 

  • Regional management with alarming system.

Value-added Applications

Value-added Applications

  • Integrate a camera system to video the real scene for security purposes. 

  • Statistics of regional personnel distribution. 

  • Automatic clock-in/out and daily attendance checking. 

  • Management of inspection tasks.

Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications

  • Navigation and monitoring versions available in 2D/3D map mode. 

  • Real-time locating and tracking. Quick and accurate target search. 

  • Route planning and optimization.

Blueiot RTLS has enabled multiple companies to enhance efficiency and upgrade user experience. We welcome any potential partners and clients to try our demo.


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