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Forklift Tracking and Monitoring System

Forklifts are both practical tools and valuable assets for manufacturers. But its mobility also means certain safety risks. Blueiot real-time forklift tracking solutions intend to bring this risk to a minimum level.

RTLS Applications in Forklift Tracking

Real-time location system (RTLS) technology can be used for forklift tracking in warehouse or distribution center. With Blueiot RTLS, you can accurately track the location and movement of forklifts in real-time, which can help improve safety, productivity, and efficiency.
forklift tracking

Accurate Locating

Blueiot AoA solutions help locate a forklift with a sub-meter accuracy.

forklift tracking

Inventory Checks

With the real-time location displayed on the monitor, the total number of forklifts is also counted.

forklift tracking

Regional Management

A misplaced forklift will be detected by the electronic fencing system and trigger alerting.

forklift tracking

People-vehicle Ranging

If someone stays near a forklift, the alerting system like buzzing or flashlight will be triggered.

forklift tracking

Vehicle-vehicle Ranging

If two vehicles drive closer within a certain range (adjustable), audio and light alerting will be triggered.

forklift tracking

Vehicle-corner Ranging

A forklift approaching a corner will trigger the alarm in the way of buzzing or flashlight.

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