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Han Meilin Art Museum Welcomes Visitors to Embark on a Smart Trip

Han Meilin is one of the preeminent contemporary artists in China, who has an international reputation for his creation of the Fuwa dolls for the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing. Han Meilin Art Museum, established in 2008 with 2,000 works of Mr. Han, is an interactive museum which creates personalized experience for its visitors. Han Meilin Art Museum is always dedicated to providing better touring experience for its visitors. On the other hand, the artistic space design for aesthetic effect makes it easy for tourists to get lost or miss an important exhibit in the museum. To further upgrade its service, Han Meilin Art Museum turns to cutting-edge AOA indoor locating technology to create immersive visiting experience, which is quite different from the conventional showing around introduction given by tour guides.

What we have achieved?

Han Meilin Art Museum adopted the tour guide solution that integrated Wechat mini program with BlueIoT's indoor AOA positioning algorithm. According to the deployment plan, BlueIoT AOA anchors were installed on the ceiling of the museum to receive smartphones' location data.

  • Once visitors arrive at the museum, it is easy for them to search for and log in the mini program on their phone and begin a smart art journey. 

  • Along with their journey, their location can be displayed on an electronic map, helping them figure out where they are. 

  • If they get lost or intend to find a certain part of the museum, such as an exhibit hall, a rest room, the exit, and so forth, the program offers a smart navigation service. 

  • When visitors step into an exhibition hall or stop to appreciate an exhibit, an audio guide will be triggered and provide detailed explanation.

Our advantages

BlueIOT solutions are quite cost-effective in terms of providing sub-meter locating service, and our AOA devices are fairly competitive for their low energy consumption and affordable price. BlueIOT not only provides a basic positioning software system, but also supports further development of applications. Take the Wechat mini program of Han Meilin Art Museum as an example. The visitors can walk around in the museum more freely. They won’t miss the introduction of important art works and it's easier for them to find the place they want to go. In turn, when visitors find it appealing to enjoy the convenient and efficient navigation services, labor costs for the museum are reduced.


When the accurate sub-meter location system provides undisturbed experience and personalized journey for visitors in Han Meilin Art Museum, an increasing number of museums are trying to follow this model to be modernized and digitalized. BlueIOT is looking forward to working with more technology partners or integrations in this field. Please contact us if interested.

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