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A Pioneer to Build a Smart Hospital

The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University (hereinafter referred to as "Nanchang University Hospital" or "the hospital") is a Grade-Three Level-A hospital (the top level in China's rating system), which can trace back to 1930s. Trusted by both local and nationwide patients and their families, the hospital has earned a fairly good reputation and the government decided to transform it in all respects into a smart hospital and make it a model for other hospitals to follow.

During the renovation and expansion, challenges occur.

1. More accurate indoor positioning system is a must

With more buildings to construct and renovate, each building contains more floors and eachfloor will be divided into different departments and wards in a more specific way. When itcomes to save a life, every second counts. Therefore, for any patient or visitor, finding theoffice fast and exactly is a must. And for any doctor or staff, watching their patients closelyis also a must.

2. Increasing demand for convenient navigation services

The construction site is located in the city, surrounded by complex architectural structuresand transportation systems. There will be ample underground parking space connected to theroads and subway stations outside the hospital. lt is highly possible for visitors to get

confused or lost by multi-directional branches of the entrance.As a result, it is definitelymore friendly to provide a navigation service for visitors to follow the optimal route.

3. Efficiency of management to be improved

lt is estimated that the hospital receives tens of thousands of visitors every day. The numberof medical staff, patients, facilities and medicinal materials will also keep mounting itpossible to manage this enormous number of people and objects? Yes! Our RTLS solutions using Bluetooth AOA technology will help a lot.

What we have achieved?

So far, thousands of anchors have been deployed and are operating well.

1. Intelligent navigation system

  • Easily find the optimal way to the hospital. 

  • Quickly directed to a free parking space or the car when driving in or out. 

  • Directly and conveniently follow the visualized map or recommended route. 

  • Share the real-time position with companions.

2. Rapid response to provide treatment

  • Vital signs of patients are closely monitored and staff will be informed immediately in case of any abnormal data changes. 

  • The elderly or psychiatric patients can be found if they get lost. Alarm will be sent once a patient step out of the safe zone or come close to a banned area. 

  • Patients feeling unwell can call for help by clicking a button.

3. Scientific and efficient management

  • Medical staff can enter a permitted area with automatic identification. 

  • Behaviors of staff through rounds are checked, including specific routes, time span, and frequency.

  • Productivity improves when any staff or equipment can be quickly found and directed to where they are needed.

Our advantages

Despite the previous trial of RFID solutions and proposals from other integrators, the hospital made the final decision to work with BlueIOT partners on its information construction. The benefits are obvious: Bluetooth AOA technology stands for the latest positioning technology with a high-precision standard of 0.1m. Compared with other positioning technology, AOA devices consume less power and the longevity can last for up to 5 or 6 years according to their size. Once installed, frequent upgrading or changing can be avoided. Only routine maintenance is enough.


When Nanchang University Hospital is on the way to establish a nationwide model of an intelligent healthcare system, BlueIOT has always been there as a reliable technical consultant and will strive to offer and constantly perfect the positioning solution. This is not the first trial in healthcare industry for BlueIOT. We have provided solutions for nearly 30 hospitals and look forward to any possible cooperation in the future.

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