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BlueIOT Aspire to Create More Smart Venues Across the Globe


Eid al-Fitr in Dubai marks the end of the month-long Ramadan within Islam, during which the entire city is immersed in an atmosphere of generosity and sharing and people spend their vacation by staying at home for a rest, going on a shopping spree, or enjoying the cuisine from all over the world. Friends and families will gather to visit theme parks and all other venues in Dubai where celebrations are held, so the number of both local visitors and overseas tourists increases sharply during this time, which in turn poses a challenge to the management efficiency and safety control of public venues.

This year, Blueiot’s partner in Dubai has successfully applied RTLS products with high precision, low power and stable performance in the past Eid al-Fitr event venue for crowd management, which greatly improved the operator's efficiency of managing the staff and made it safer for people to play in the epidemic and crowded environment.

BlueIOT (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as Blueiot) is a world leading RTLS (Real-time Location System) provider committed to developing high-precision locating products and solutions for indoor application scenarios like healthcare, logistics & warehouse, manufacturing, smart retail, smart buildings, etc. Dating back to the early days of the covid outbreak, Blueiot has already succeeded in achieving high-precision social distancing and contact tracing through patented RTLS products and then, besides distancing monitoring, adopted the latest Bluetooth AoA technology to develop more applications for regional management, including electronic fencing, real-time positioning and trajectory tracking. And by then, RTLS has been brought into full play based on thousands of projects and an improved and complete solution for smart venues came into being.

In fact, the cooperation between Blueiot and its Dubai partner in the Eid al-Fitr event is not a preliminary attempt of smart venue solution. As early as 2021, Blueiot products have already been applied in the Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi, for the F1 Grand Prix. At that time, AoA anchors were deployed in the rest area of the stadium and when staff or guests with wearable and skin-friendly AoA tags, in the form of a badge or a wristband, entered the area, their identity information was associated with tags and real-time positioning along with trajectory tracking could also be enabled by the system at the same time.

This solution applying Blueiot RTLS not only prevented outsiders or any uninvited visitors from entering the area, but also counted and controlled the number of people present in the same area in real time. Meanwhile, guests who got lost could be found in time, or in the event of any emergency, the nearest security staff will be reminded and dispatched to the scene in time. Moreover, Blueiot products also support video linkage to realize screen monitoring of real scenes, intelligent navigation which guides visitors through a mobile app, automatic attendance checking to cancel manual check-in for staff, intelligent statistics of working hours, and asset protection via real-time positioning and monitoring.

It is learned that Blueiot RTLS products were highly appreciated by partners and event parties, and expected to be put into service again at the event venue next year. Looking forward to the event, Blueiot will also continue to upgrade its products and welcome integrators across the globe to collaborate with us to create more digital venues.

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