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Benefits of Using RTLS for Indoor Positioning


Are you tired of searching for items in a cluttered room? Or, are you constantly losing track of valuable equipment at your workplace? If so, then indoor positioning technology is the solution to all your problems! And when it comes to indoor tracking systems, RTLS stands head and shoulders above the rest. These devices use advanced wireless technology to pinpoint the exact location of people and objects within a given space, and Blueiot, a provider of RTLS product and solutions, has launched various excellent products, including anchors and tags.


How Does RTLS Work?

RTLS anchors and tags are electronic devices that can be attached to objects and used to track their movement and position. When a tag is placed in an environment where it can receive wireless signals, the tag will send periodic updates about its location and movements to a receiver. This information can then be used to create maps or generate reports that display the location of tagged objects at any given time.

About Blueiot

We specialize in providing industry-leading RTLS hardware and software, including AoA anchors, RTLS tags, RTLS platform and open API.

Benefits of Using RTLS for Indoor Positioning


RTLS offers many benefits for indoor positioning, including location accuracy and reliability. They can also be used to detect movement and changes in location, which can help you keep track of assets and people inside a building. Here are some specific benefits of using RTLS for indoor positioning:


Location Accuracy

RTLS can provide accurate positioning down to a few centimeters, which is important for applications like warehouse management or security.



RTLS is very reliable and can maintain their position even if there is interference from other sources or if the environment is noisy or cluttered. This makes them ideal for applications where high precision and accuracy is required, such as surveillance or gaming.


Movement Detection

One of the most important benefits of using RTLS for indoor positioning is the ability to detect movement. This allows you to keep track of assets or people inside a building without having to rely on sensors that are prone to error or interference.

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