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Revolutionizing Healthcare with Blueiot's Real-Time Location System


In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, ensuring the seamless flow of operations and the safety of patients and staff is paramount. At Blueiot, we are committed to bringing a transformation to the healthcare industry through our cutting-edge real-time location system (RTLS). Our real time location system healthcare solutions are designed to deliver unmatched accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.


Enhancing Healthcare with Real-Time Precision

Blueiot's real time location system healthcare is a game-changer. It empowers healthcare facilities to gain real-time visibility into the location, movement, and status of patients, staff, medical devices, and valuable equipment. With our advanced RTLS system, you can experience a level of precision that sets new industry standards. The accuracy of our system can stably reach 0.1 to 0.5 meters, enabling healthcare professionals to track and manage assets with unparalleled precision.

Achieving Healthcare Goals with Blueiot RTLS

Hospitals and healthcare providers have a myriad of objectives, and Blueiot's RTLS system is tailor-made to help them meet these goals. Our system is proven to reduce asset search time, mitigate the incidence of stolen medical devices, minimize emergency incident response time, cut equipment repair costs, and decrease the need for costly, last-minute equipment rentals. In essence, Blueiot's RTLS is the answer to a more efficient and cost-effective healthcare management strategy.

A Multifaceted Solution for Smart Healthcare

Our real time location system healthcare is a comprehensive solution that extends beyond asset management. It ensures medical equipment tracking, enhances patient experiences, and safeguards the well-being of healthcare personnel. Furthermore, it offers functions such as infant protection, digital wayfinding and navigation, hygiene compliance, and quality assurance for medication.

The Advantages of Blueiot's RTLS in Healthcare


Our RTLS system boasts several key advantages that make it the top choice for healthcare institutions. The high level of accuracy, with a stable range of 0.1 to 0.5 meters, ensures that assets are tracked with precision. Moreover, the high capacity of our system allows one AoA anchor to connect with up to 500 tags within one second, making it highly efficient.


Our system is compatible with a broad ecosystem, welcoming a variety of BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices to ensure seamless integration. This versatility is combined with low power consumption, enabling Blueiot Bluetooth AoA devices to last up to five years on average without the need for frequent battery replacements.


In addition to being cost-effective compared to other location solutions, our Blueiot tags are designed to be compact, wearable, and lightweight, making them practical for daily use in healthcare settings.



Blueiot's real time location system healthcare is a revolutionary solution that addresses the unique needs of the healthcare industry. By delivering unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, we are enabling healthcare facilities to provide a safer and more efficient environment for both patients and staff. Embrace the future of healthcare with Blueiot's RTLS system and experience the transformation firsthand.
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