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Blueiot: Your Trusted RTLS Provider for High-Precision Indoor Positioning Solutions


If you're looking for an innovative RTLS provider that can deliver accurate positioning solutions with minimal investment, Blueiot is the answer. With its state-of-the-art Bluetooth Angle of Arrival (AoA) technology, Blueiot offers a full set of hardware and software solutions for tracking people, assets, and vehicles in indoor environments.


Introducing Blueiot: The Leading RTLS Provider

Blueiot is a leading provider of RTLS technology, offering a range of products and solutions that cater to different industry needs. Its AoA technology enables it to achieve an accuracy of up to 0.1 meters, which is ten times higher than traditional indoor positioning technologies. This level of precision allows businesses to easily monitor their assets and personnel in real-time, improving overall efficiency and productivity.

Blueiot's Cutting-Edge RTLS Technology for Precise Indoor Positioning

At the heart of Blueiot's RTLS system is its cutting-edge AoA technology, which provides highly accurate indoor positioning solutions. The system comprises RTLS anchors that are deployed based on the actual needs and interior or outdoor architecture. These anchors work together with Blueiot or partner tags attached to people, vehicles, or assets to collect data, which is then sent to the AoA positioning engine for resolving. The transformed data is presented in a visualized dynamic interface on Blueiot platforms.

Why Choose Blueiot as Your RTLS Provider

Choosing Blueiot as your RTLS provider comes with several advantages, including:

- High accuracy: Blueiot's AoA technology provides highly accurate indoor positioning solutions with an accuracy of up to 0.1 meters.

- Low cost: Blueiot's RTLS solutions are highly cost-effective among all high-precision location solutions.

- Low power consumption: Blueiot deploys BLE devices that have an average battery life of up to five years, making them energy efficient and cost-effective.

- Broad ecosystem: Blueiot has an open ecology that is compatible with all kinds of Bluetooth Low Energy devices.

- Small size: Blueiot's tags come in varied shapes and are highly adaptable, with the smallest one being smaller than a coin.



Blueiot is a reliable and trusted RTLS provider that offers cutting-edge indoor positioning solutions that can help businesses manage their assets, people, and vehicles more efficiently. Its high-precision indoor positioning technology, low-cost solutions, low-power consumption, and broad ecosystem make it an ideal partner for companies looking to implement RTLS systems. Order your development kit from Blueiot today and explore how its technology can transform your business operations.

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