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Blueiot: Transforming Industrial Automation through Advanced Indoor Positioning Technology


At Blueiot, our mission is to revolutionize industrial automation by utilizing cutting-edge indoor positioning technology. With the help of cutting-edge features like low cost, low power consumption, compact size, and high precision, our industrial indoor positioning system will transform industrial operations. We enable companies to streamline their operations and reach previously unheard-of levels of efficiency by putting a strong emphasis on providing creative solutions.


Simplifying Industrial Automation with Blueiot's Cutting-edge Technology

Industrial automation is made easier with Blueiot's industrial indoor positioning system, which offers a reliable and approachable alternative. A greater range of sectors can use our technology because of its low cost design, which allows firms to apply automation on a bigger scale. Because our system uses less power, it lasts longer and uses less energy, which helps to support sustainable operations.


Effortless Installation and Set-Up Process


Our Industrial Indoor Positioning System is easy and quick to install. Businesses can easily incorporate our solution into their current infrastructure with the help and supervision of Blueiot. From system configuration and calibration to extensive testing procedures, our professionals offer step-by-step support. You may be confident that the installation procedure causes the least amount of disturbance to ongoing business operations, enabling companies to promptly capitalize on the advantages of our cutting-edge technology.


Enhancing Precision and Accuracy in Industrial Operations


Businesses may get precision in their operations with our high accuracy industrial indoor positioning system. Error risk is decreased and effective resource allocation is ensured by real-time asset and equipment tracking and monitoring. Because of its compact size, our system can be easily integrated into the current automation infrastructure with the least amount of disturbance to business operations.

Deploying Blueiot's Indoor Positioning System in Industrial Settings

Implementing Blueiot's indoor positioning system is a straightforward process. We provide integration support to seamlessly incorporate our system into existing automation frameworks. Our technology is scalable and flexible, accommodating diverse industrial environments and varying operational needs. With our reliable technical support and maintenance services, businesses can experience a smooth and successful deployment.



Businesses can transform operations and achieve unprecedented levels of productivity while guaranteeing worker safety using Blueiot's Industrial Indoor Positioning System. Our system is easy to install and comes with advanced capabilities like real-time asset tracking, improved workplace safety, and streamlined operations. It is also tiny, light, low power, and very accurate. Businesses can have a competitive advantage in their field and set themselves up for success by working with Blueiot.
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Blueiot Recognized in the 2024 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Indoor Location Services Report
Blueiot makes its first year of recognition in the industry.