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Top 5 Benefits of Indoor Positioning in Museum


COVID-19 has been a significant challenge for the tourism industry, with many countries closing their borders and imposing travel restrictions to prevent the spread of the virus. However, as vaccination efforts continue to roll out globally and the number of new cases declines, tourism is starting to rebound.

As the number of visitors rises, it can create new challenges for businesses in the tourism sector, such as museum tours. One such challenge is the need to manage crowds and maintain social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19. An indoor positioning system can be a useful tool to address this challenge. For detailed information, check them out in the following passage!

Common Issues of Managing Large Museums

Managing large museums can be a complex task that involves various management, servicing, public safety, and advertising issues.

Here are some examples of the issues faced in each of these areas:

Management Issues. Attendance checking: One of the main challenges in managing large museums is accurately tracking employee attendance. With large crowds and multiple entry points, tracking the staff who have entered the museum and how long they have stayed can be a tough job.

Also, large museums typically have vast moveable assets, such as VR devices, carts, and code scanners. Managing and tracking these assets can be challenging, especially if they are interactive and accessible to visitors.

Servicing Issues. Missing in the large exhibition hall and don’t know what and where to check out are always the two most annoying issues for visitors. Also, there are areas where museum managers don’t want any visitors to break in. How to serve them better and offer help in time?

Public Safety Issues. Museums need to ensure the safety of their visitors and staff by implementing security measures to prevent theft or vandalism. Managing large crowds and maintaining social distancing during events, peak times, or emergencies can be challenging.

Advertising issues. Choosing an area to put advertising materials needs the support of customer behaviors reports. How to collect the data?

Managing a large museum involves many challenges and issues that require careful planning and attention to detail. By implementing effective solutions for attendance checking, asset locating, servicing, public safety, and advertising, museums can create an enjoyable and safe experience for visitors while preserving their valuable collections for future generations.


What Is an Indoor Positioning System? And How Do They Function to Solve the Mentioned Issues?

An indoor positioning system is a technology that uses Bluetooth positioning tags, anchors, and algorithms to locate objects or people within a building. This system is designed to provide precise positioning information of individuals or assets, in real-time or near real-time, within indoor spaces.

The system typically comprises three main components:

1. Anchors & tags: These devices are installed onto the roof or attached to people and assets within the building to send and receive signals, collecting data on the location, movement, and orientation of individuals or assets.

2. Algorithms: Once the signal is collected, algorithms process and analyze it, determining the precise location of individuals or assets within the building. These algorithms use techniques such as trilateration and dead reckoning to calculate the location based on the sensor data.

3. Bluetooth management platform: The management is the software through which users can interact with the system. It can be applied on mobiles, laptops, or computers, providing real-time location information, maps of the building, and alerts for specific events or situations.

The indoor positioning system can help solve the issues mentioned earlier in various ways:

Attendance checking:  In a museum, a positioning system can track the whereabouts of staff members. This helps ensure that they are in the right places and identify if they are spending enough time working or patrolling in certain areas.

Asset locating:  By tracking the location of assets within the building, museums and other institutions can keep track of their valuable devices, reducing the risk of theft or loss.

Servicing issues:  A positioning system can be used to provide visitors with real-time turn-by-turn navigation through a museum. This can help visitors to find their way around the museum more easily and to avoid getting lost. For example, a museum could use a positioning system to provide visitors with directions to the nearest restroom or to the exit.

Public safety issues: The indoor positioning system can be used to track the location of visitors and staff during emergencies and guide them to the nearest exits or safe zones. It can also provide real-time alerts to staff and emergency services in the event of an incident.

Advertising issues:  The system can provide data on the flow of visitors through the building, identifying popular exhibits or areas. This information can be used to optimize marketing strategies and promotions, improving visitor engagement and revenue.


By implementing an indoor positioning system, organizations can improve efficiency, safety, and visitor satisfaction, ultimately leading to better business outcomes. If you are looking for an indoor positioning system that offers high accuracy, high capacity, good compatibility, low power consumption, and small size with high integrability, consider Blueiot’s indoor positioning system. Blueiot’s system is designed to provide real-time location data with high precision, making it an ideal solution for many applications, including museums, airports, shopping malls, and more.

Benefits of Blueiot’s Indoor Positioning System


Blueiot’s indoor positioning system offers several benefits, making it an attractive solution for organizations.


1. High Accuracy:  Blueiot’s indoor positioning system uses advanced algorithms that accurately locate objects or people within indoor space with up to 0.1-meter accuracy. This system can track the location of objects or people with a margin of error of just a few centimeters, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

2. High Capacity:  Blueiot’s indoor positioning system can handle many users simultaneously, making it ideal for crowded indoor spaces such as museums, airports, or shopping malls. The system can locate and track hundreds or even thousands of objects or people simultaneously without compromising accuracy or performance.

3. Good Compatibility: The indoor positioning system from Blueiot works seamlessly with a variety of devices and platforms, such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.  It’s simple to integrate the system with existing software or hardware, which is perfect for organizations in need of adaptable and flexible  technology.

4. Low Power Consumption: Blueiot’s indoor positioning system is designed to be energy-efficient, using minimal power to operate. It ensures that the system can be deployed in areas without a reliable power supply, such as remote locations or areas with limited access to power outlets.

5. Small Size, High Integrability: Blueiot’s indoor positioning tags and anchors are compact and easy to install, making them suitable for various applications without compromising accuracy or performance.


These features of the Blueiot positioning system make it an ideal solution for organizations that require a reliable, flexible, and adaptable indoor positioning system.

Benefits of Blueiot’s Indoor Positioning System

Blueiot is a leading provider of location-based services that offers real-time locating systems based on Bluetooth Angle-of-Arrival technology. Our indoor tracking system provides high accuracy of up to 0.1m, which is ten times higher than traditional Bluetooth technology. The system is widely used in various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, logistics and warehouse, smart retail, and smart buildings.

If you want to enhance your indoor location tracking capabilities and improve efficiency, Blueiot’s indoor positioning system is a great choice to provide you with the accuracy, reliability, and flexibility you need to succeed in today’s fast-paced business world!

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