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Transforming Healthcare with Blueiot: The Power of Patient Monitoring Devices


As a leading provider of cutting-edge indoor positioning solutions, Blueiot is revolutionizing the healthcare industry with our advanced patient monitoring devices. Our state-of-the-art technology is designed to ensure precise patient tracking, bolster safety measures, and optimize economic efficiency within healthcare facilities.


Precision at its Core

Our patient monitoring devices, integrated with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, enable healthcare providers to monitor patients' vital signs with exceptional accuracy. From tracking temperature fluctuations to monitoring heart rate variations, our devices provide real-time data that empowers medical staff to deliver prompt and effective care, ensuring the well-being of every patient under our watchful eye.

Safeguarding Patients, Ensuring Peace of Mind

At Blueiot, we understand the paramount importance of patient safety. With our monitoring devices, healthcare facilities can seamlessly track the location of each patient in real time, preventing incidents such as patients getting lost or entering unauthorized zones. Our system triggers immediate alerts when patients deviate from designated safety areas, allowing healthcare professionals to intervene swiftly and ensure the utmost safety and security for every individual in our care.

Optimizing Economic Benefits

Beyond enhancing patient safety, our patient monitoring devices contribute to optimizing resource allocation and streamlining operational costs. By providing an efficient means of tracking patient movement, our system enables healthcare providers to allocate resources more effectively, minimizing unnecessary expenses and maximizing the utilization of existing resources. This streamlined approach not only improves the overall operational efficiency of healthcare facilities but also fosters a cost-effective environment that benefits both patients and medical practitioners.

Empowering Healthcare Providers


Blueiot's patient monitoring devices are more than just tools; they are instruments of empowerment for healthcare providers. Our innovative one-click assistance feature allows patients to request immediate help with a simple press of a button, ensuring that they receive timely assistance in critical situations. Moreover, our trajectory analysis capability provides valuable insights into patient behavior, particularly beneficial in the comprehensive care of patients with mental disorders. With our technology, healthcare professionals can make informed decisions, deliver personalized care, and create a safer, more nurturing environment for their patients.



Blueiot's patient monitoring devices are the cornerstone of a transformative healthcare experience. With precision, safety, and economic efficiency at the forefront of our design, we are committed to revolutionizing the healthcare landscape and fostering a future where patient care is both technologically advanced and deeply human.

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