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Top 3 Things about RTLS Tracker in Smart Logistics Tracking Management


The logistics industry is constantly changing, with innovations and technologies always emerging. One problem that has been a constant challenge for logistic companies is the unnecessary waiting and movement of items and staff, which can lead to an increase in time and money, inefficient production cycles, shipment delays, and additional costs.


Fortunately, there is now a smart logistics tracking solution to this problem - RTLS (Real Time Locating System). RTLS trackers allow logistic companies to automatically track the movement of items and staff in real time, eliminating the need for manual tracking methods. The system also uses various analytics tools to provide insight into production processes, enabling companies to make informed decisions about where improvements can be made.


What is an RTLS Tracking System, and How Does It Work?

Taking Blueiot’s complete set of solutions as an example, the RTLS smart logistics tracking system consists of four main components:

Blueiot platform: This cloud-based platform stores, processes, and displays tracking data. It allows users to track the location of items and staff in real-time and access analytics tools to gain insight into production processes.

AoA engine: The Blueiot engine allows for hands-free tracking by using Bluetooth AoA technology to calculate the location data of items and staff in the vicinity.

Blueiot anchor: The Blueiot Anchor is an active location tracker based on Bluetooth low energy technology, which receives the signal from tags and transmits the data to the AoA engine. It helps with accurate location tracking, enabling precise detection of item movements throughout the facility.

Blueiot tags: The Blueiot Tags can be attached to items or staff members. They allow real-time tracking of the item’s movements, providing efficient and accurate logistics management.

The combination of these four components provides an effective solution to logistics companies’ tracking problems, enabling them to gain better control over their operations and reduce costs associated with inefficient production cycles.


Usage of the RTLS tracking system in logistics:

RTLS smart logistics tracking system can be used in various ways to improve logistics operations' efficiency, as below shows:

Staff Management: By using the Blueiot locating system, companies can track the location of staff in real time, ensuring that employee movements are maximized for optimal productivity.

Equipment Management: The RTLS in smart logistics allows for better management of equipment and other assets. Companies can track their movement within a facility or across different locations, ensuring that all equipment is in the right place at the right time.

Goods and Materials: By attaching Blueiot Tags to goods and materials, companies can track their movements within a facility or across multiple locations, ensuring goods are delivered on time and to the correct destination.

Scalability: The RTLS tracking system is highly recommended for large-scale enterprises and can be easily adapted to different logistics operations, making it a cost-effective solution.

Increase Safety: By monitoring staff location, companies can ensure their employees stay away from dangerous areas and remain safe. This increases safety in the workplace and decreases the chance of accidents or injuries.

Overall, using RTLS smart logistics tracking system can help logistics companies improve efficiency.

If you’re looking for a complete set of solutions for locating in logistics, Blueiot is the way to go. With its effective tracking system and easy-to-use platform, companies can maximize their efficiency and ensure that operations run smoothly.


Get a One-Stop Logistic Location Solution from Blueiot

Blueiot is a leading provider of innovative indoor positioning solutions that help companies become more competitive and efficient. Our products are designed to meet versatility, including the location function in logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, entertainment, and safe & security industries, helping our clients to achieve their goals with ease. 

Blueiot uses the latest Bluetooth AoA technology to provide accurate and reliable indoor asset tracking, allowing our customers greater visibility into their operations. With our advanced self-developed technologies and powerful manufacturing ability, we offer tailored solutions for our clients with various needs.

Blueiot offers a wide range of products and services that help their customers work in an efficient way, including RTLS smart logistics tracking systems, staff management, asset tracking, and more.

Whether you’re looking for a complete solution or want to start with the basics, Blueiot is your one-stop shop for becoming more efficient and competitive.

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