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RTLS-Enabled Carefree Paradise for Parents and Children


Blueiot partners have created massive fantastic RTLS applications by adopting BlueIOT Bluetooth AoA positioning system. Let’s see how RTLS relieves the burden on parents in a playland and optimizes the management of operator.

1. Sub-meter Positioning Technology

Blueiot adopts Bluetooth AoA (Angle of Arrival) technology and with our patented location algorithm, raises the precision by over ten times!

2. Real-time Location

Logging in the app, parents are able to check the location of their children in real time while staying in a rest zone.

3.Trajectory Tracking

The real-time recording with a playback informs parents of where children have been.

4.Data Analysis

The passenger-flow analysis in various diagrams makes it possible for the park to identify the most or the least popular ride and for parents to find out the personality and preference of their children.

5. Safety Control

Alarm will be sent when children step close to a place of danger or out of the supervised area. They can also call for help by pressing the button on the wristband.

6. A Wristband for All

The wristband is not only a locating tag, but also serves as the key to the gate and the locker, an e-card to order food or shop, and a ticket for play facilities.

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