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How the Healthcare Can Implement RTLS to Improve its Management and Efficiency?

By Blueiot Technology

Real time locating system can help healthcare monitor patients, track their movements, and ensure their safety and security within a healthcare facility. Besides, real time locating system also helps healthcare optimize workflow, identify bottlenecks and make improvements to increase efficiency and reduce cost.

However, in addition to common requirements, medical institutions face severe medical predicaments, such as staff duress, hospital infection, medical equipment return on investment control, etc. Blueiot’s open ecosystem supports exploring more exclusive and practical tasks by integrating with other IoT terminals about this.

Infant protection

Since infants are particularly vulnerable and need special care, infant protection is a top priority for both parents and hospitals. Considering the practical requirements of newborn babies, Blueiot designs exclusive functions:

·Check the status of infants when they are worn in anti-dismantle tags designed for infants by using infant-friendly material and size

·Locate and record the location of an infant so that parents can access the babies' movements when taken to necessary treatment and checks

·Obtain real-time images of infants if infants are not in the delivery room or mother room through security camera linkage and recording software

·Assign the mother's room as a safe zone and warn when the infant is in an unauthorized leave

·Alert when the infant is experiencing abnormal vital signs, unauthorized movements, and the infant tag experiences damage or the infant is taken away from their parents

·Input infant information rapidly

Hand hygiene compliance

As part of a healthcare facility's safety commitment, hand hygiene compliance is fundamental to reducing the risk of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs). Traditionally, hand hygiene compliance of staff is measured artificially. While RTLS demonstrates this upon detecting whether the staff wash their hands after interacting with patients or entering a patient room with a mild reminder to guarantee hand wash hygiene and reduce the risk of infectious diseases at lower costs.

Environment monitoring

Temperature and humidity monitoring is necessary for healthcare facilities to avoid HAIs and maintain a suitable environment for clinical laboratories, pharmacies, vaccines, blood banks, and special medication storage. Blueiot develops more and more value-added functions that are integrated with IoT sensors based on standard functions to make environment monitoring come true.

Why Choose Bluetooth AoA in Healthcare?

Although both UWB and Bluetooth AoA can achieve 0.1-0.5m accuracy in RTLS, Bluetooth AoA has its unique superiority.

Low cost

Based on the different working principles, the UWB technology requires at least three anchors to achieve high-precision locating, while Bluetooth AoA only needs one anchor to locate accurately. Therefore, the deployment of Bluetooth AoA in healthcare means lower installation costs.

Low maintenance costs

Compared with UWB, Bluetooth AoA, which is actually Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) AoA technology, works in extremely low power consumption that certain Blueiot’s tags can even support for up to 10 years.

Open ecosystem

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless radio wave technology standard that is used for exchanging data between mobile or fixed devices, which means that all devices equipped with Bluetooth function can be regarded as potential terminals used for real-time locating in Blueiot Bluetooth AoA Positioning System, while UWB technology needs specialized tags and devices.

For a more comprehensive ecosystem, Blueiot designs its practical application software (which supports Android and iOS systems), which, once installed on smart Bluetooth devices, can transmit location data to Blueiot anchors, which are deployed in the proper position. This function also offers the possibility of navigation in the hospital, which may improve patient satisfaction. In this way, Blueiot builds a connected and digitized IoT network for healthcare facilities and provides various transmitters, receivers, and exploitable application scenarios.

Except for the above advantages, Blueiot technical experts confirm the high-precision positioning accuracy of some particular environments, such as imagery rooms, operating rooms, MRI rooms, etc., which accommodate specific equipment made of medical metal material that will not influence the accuracy.

How to Deploy Blueiot Bluetooth AoA RTLS System in Your Scenario?

Before full employment, Blueiot provides a demo kit program for customers and partners to try high-precision positioning technology and gain free training about using Blueiot anchors, tags, and application software systems.

If the application scenario is confirmed, the Blueiot team will help you in the whole process of deploying a complete set of Blueiot Bluetooth AoA RTLS systems.

Deployment Steps

Blueiot technical experts will first survey the overall environment, estimating the location, numbers, and other installation conditions. Next, customers will confirm the final technology scheme. And then, anchors can be installed at the proper place for high-precision locating. After that, Blueiot application software platform will be installed or integrated with customers’ original systems and activated. The last step is configuration and debugging before it is actually used.


Preparation before Installation

Since installation and use involves electrical wiring, computer software system operation, etc., the customer needs to prepare:

·IT department or staff who have essential computer operation ability or basic computer network knowledge

·Weak current construction team or Staff understanding weak current construction

·Staff who is familiar with the essential operation of AutoCAD

·Staff who have basic electrical knowledge


Based on the mentioned steps and preparations, healthcare facilities have access to high-precision positioning systems expediently.

To meet more practical application requirements, Blueiot RTLS Solution for Healthcare are constantly being developed. Meanwhile, Blueiot hopes healthcare facilities that are in need of real-time locating become Blueiot’s partner!



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