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High-precision RTLS in Smart Warehouse


Online businesses are booming during the pandemic, which is also a powerful spur to the logistics industry. Meanwhile, there are increasing calls for efficiency improvement and management optimization. Read more details about how Blueiot RTLS can help warehouses embark the transformation road from a labor-intensive industry into a technology-intensive one.

Blueiot has been dedicated to the research and development of high-precision RTLS and provides location-aware IoT solutions for smart warehouses especially in logistics industry. By implementing RTLS in main operation processes including entry, storage, sorting, exit, loading, unloading, transport, etc., the smart warehouse solution enables the accurate location of personnel, vehicles and goods in real time and the optimization of management in a dynamic way, leading to a dramatic increase in efficiency.









Scanning for Quick Search


When a sorter carries a handheld PDA to scan the goods, data will be collected and transmitted to the locating system, telling exactly where the goods are. In case there is a change in location, their trajectory can be tracked in real time so that you can find them immediately.

Real-Time Locating & Dispatch Based on Proximity


Locating tags in the type of badge or specially designed for asset and vehicles enable the real-time location of sorters, goods and vehicles like AGVs, forklifts, and carts. Then the integration of locating system and order management system makes it possible to send orders to the nearest sorter based on distance and location, preventing futile work flow and improving sorting efficiency.

Trajectory Tracking & Optimizing Work Flow


From the real-time location data of sorters and vehicles collected and stored by the system, indicating whether the current work flow is the optimal, a trajectory analysis will assist in optimizing the assignment of tasks and the layout of goods. 

Attendance Checking & Performance Evaluation


Under the help of electronic fence, the number, status and working hours of sorters in each area will be recorded, based on which, work performance can be evaluated and productivity can be improved.

Binding Car Plate & Parking Management


When a locating tag is bound to the plate number when a truck enters a region, the time of its entry and the location of parking space will be recorded with an automatic timeout alarm for overstaying. Then the tag will be recovered and unbound when the truck leaves.

As the development of IoT and AI technologies is accelerating, the warehousing and logistics industry is expected to be more simplified and intelligent so as to reduce cost in labor and expense, and improve efficiency and automation, where Blueiot is ready to play a greater role by providing a comprehensive high-precision locating solution for this industry. With the help of RTLS application, it is believed that logistics will soon embark the transformation road from a labor-intensive industry into a technology-intensive one.

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