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Exploring the Benefits of BLE AoA for Precise Location Tracking


Are you tired of constantly losing track of your valuable assets or struggling to find a precise location indoors? Well, thanks to the advancement in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, we now have an innovative solution for accurate indoor tracking - BLE Angle of Arrival (AoA). In this blog post, we’ll explore how BLE AoA can revolutionize the way you locate and manage assets by providing real-time, sub-meter accuracy. So get ready to discover how BLE AoA can benefit your business!

What is BLE AoA?

BLE AoA (Angle of Arrival) is a new technology that allows for precise location tracking in real time. It uses the Bluetooth low-energy protocol to connect devices, allowing for reliable communication and precise location tracking. This technology can be used for a variety of applications.

How Does AoA Technology Work?

The Angle of Arrival works by transmitting a direction-finding signal using a single antenna, and the receiving device has an antenna array built-in. Due to the varied distances at which the array receives the signal, there will be a phase difference when the signal passes through. The relative signal direction is then determined.


What Are the Benefits of BLE AoA?

BLE AoA can provide several benefits for precise location tracking. First, it can transmit a signal that is very strong and easily detectable. This means that BLE AoA can be used in areas with low-quality or no signal, such as indoors or in enclosed spaces.


Second, because BLE AoA transmits a continuous Bluetooth signal, it can provide accurate location information even when the device is not connected to Wi-Fi. This is useful for applications such as tracking devices in wearables or vehicles.


And finally, because BLE AoA devices use less power than traditional GPS receivers, they are able to operate for longer periods of time without requiring battery replacement. This makes them ideal for applications such as indoor navigation or tracking of moving objects.



The benefits of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) for precise location tracking are clear. By using BLE technology, businesses, and individuals can track the movements of personnel, and assets with ease. Blueiot has developed an indoor location system and products based on BLE AoA. If you’re looking to take your location-tracking capabilities to the next level, consider contacting us and investing in BLE-enabled equipment.

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