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Enhancing Patient Care with Blueiot's Patient Tracking Software


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, the need for comprehensive patient care has become paramount. The well-being of patients depends not only on their medical treatment but also on their safety and precise monitoring. This is precisely where Blueiot's state-of-the-art patient tracking software comes into play, revolutionizing the way healthcare facilities ensure patient safety, optimize resource allocation, and deliver efficient emergency care.


What Is Patient Tracking Software

Patient tracking software, powered by Blueiot, is a real-time location system (RTLS) application that leverages Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to monitor and track the movements and locations of patients within healthcare facilities. In this innovative system, BLE tags are attached to patients, which can seamlessly communicate with BLE anchors or gateways strategically placed throughout the facility. The data collected by these anchors is then transmitted to the patient tracking software, offering real-time insights into patient locations and movements.


Why Patient Tracking Software Matters


The significance of patient tracking software cannot be overstated. It plays a pivotal role in modern healthcare for several compelling reasons:


Monitor Vital Signs: Our patient tracking software keeps a watchful eye on vital signs such as temperature and heart rate. Any abnormal changes trigger immediate notifications to the healthcare staff, allowing for timely intervention and care adjustments.


Accurate Locating: In a bustling healthcare environment, patients may sometimes wander or find themselves in unfamiliar areas. Our software ensures precise real-time tracking of patient locations, eliminating the worry of patients getting lost within the facility.


One-Click for Help: Patients can easily request assistance by pressing a button on their locating tags. This feature is a game-changer when patients need immediate attention or feel unwell.


Ensuring Safety: To maintain patient safety, our system can be configured to raise alarms when patients venture beyond designated safety zones or approach unauthorized areas. This proactive approach guarantees that potential risks are addressed promptly.


Trajectory Analysis: Blueiot's RTLS supports an insightful playback feature for behavior analysis, particularly valuable for patients with mental disorders. It enables a comprehensive understanding of patient movements and behavior patterns.


Infant Security: For infants in healthcare settings, our system offers a secure and harmless wristband solution. These wristbands record the identity of infants and monitor their locations, providing peace of mind to parents and healthcare staff alike.


How to Implement Patient Tracking Software


Integrating Blueiot's patient tracking software is a straightforward process. BLE tags are attached to patients, which communicate with BLE anchors placed throughout the facility. These anchors feed data into the patient tracking software, creating a real-time tracking and monitoring system.


The software is highly customizable, allowing healthcare providers to tailor it to their specific needs. By defining safety zones and configuring alerts, healthcare facilities can ensure patient safety effectively. The software's user-friendly interface provides healthcare staff with easy access to patient data, enabling them to respond promptly to any situation.



Patient tracking software from Blueiot is a game-changing solution that enhances patient care in healthcare facilities. By monitoring vital signs, providing accurate real-time location data, enabling one-click assistance, ensuring safety, supporting trajectory analysis, and enhancing infant security, this software empowers healthcare providers to deliver top-notch care efficiently and effectively. The future of patient care is here, and it's marked by precision, safety, and proactive monitoring, all thanks to Blueiot's patient tracking software.                    

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