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Blueiot Joins the Industry IoT Consortium


Blueiot Technology Co., Ltd announces today its membership of the Industry IoT Consortium (IIC), a global not-for-profit partnership of industry, government, and academia to accelerate the adoption of a trustworthy Internet of Things. As a world-leading RTLS (Real-Time Location System) provider, Blueiot strives to make digital transformation happen in more industries by bringing location data into its full play, which also resonates with the mission of IIC to deliver transformative business value to industry, organizations, and society. This partnership not only represents the warmest welcome by the Consortium, but also conveys Blueiot’s determination to play a more active role in the IoT community.


Rayson Zhao, CEO of Blueiot, said, “Since its founding, the IIC has helped build the technical foundation for the Industrial IoT and assisted its members in adopting IoT technologies to fulfill their business potential in IT, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, utilities and other sectors. We are honored and excited to be part of the IIC for more growth opportunities, and look forward to communicating with industry experts and joining hands with other members to promote the transformation of industries, organizations and society in the Internet of Things era.”


“We are delighted to welcome Blueiot to the Industry IoT Consortium,” said Stephen Mellor, CTO, IIC. “Their knowledge and experience with Bluetooth in various industries will help our members as we work to help businesses all over the world with digital transformation.”


As one of the pioneers in the world to mass produce Bluetooth AoA (Angle of Arrival) positioning products, Blueiot implements a global strategy and has successfully completed projects in various scenarios such as manufacturing, healthcare, logistics & warehouse, retail and smart city. It is believed that joining the IIC will nudge the company one step closer to its mission to help the world's ten billion Bluetooth terminals to enjoy a more accurate location experience and empower more industries.

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