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Enhance Hospital Efficiency and Convenience with Blueiot Hospital Tracking System


As the number of visitors in hospitals increases, efficiency and convenient services become a must. A smart hospital tracking system plays a significant role in enhancing hospital operations. This is where Blueiot comes in. Blueiot provides Real-time Location System (RTLS) solutions for hospitals that utilize Bluetooth AoA positioning technology to build a smart hospital system.

The Benefits of Using Blueiot Hospital Tracking System

Blueiot's RTLS for hospitals offers sub-meter precision, electronic fence, individualized tracking, and smart navigation within the hospital environment. Before arrival, it can be integrated with outdoor location solutions, allowing visitors to find the shortest or less congested way. It also provides smart parking solutions by checking empty spaces in advance, locating a parking space or car accurately and quickly.


One of the benefits of using Blueiot Hospital Tracking System is its AI Inquiry feature. Online booking spares visitors time and energy for a long queue, and AI triage relieves staffing pressure. Within the hospital environment, real-time location and movement on 2D/3D maps help visitors navigate different parts of the hospital more easily. The location sharing feature ensures that visitors never lose track of their companions or patients.

How Does Blueiot Hospital Tracking System Work

Blueiot AoA anchors are deployed based on the hospital's actual needs and interior or outdoor architecture. Blueiot or our partner tags and cards are attached to people, vehicles, or assets, or applied as an app on mobiles, collecting data that is sent to an AoA engine for resolving. The data is then transformed into a visualized dynamic interface on Blueiot platforms.

Real-Life Case Studies on Blueiot Hospital Tracking System

Blueiot has implemented our RTLS system in various industries, including hospitals. In one case study, a world-leading optical solutions provider utilized Blueiot's RTLS system to enhance asset protection, reducing losses by 60%. In another example, a fall-prevention equipment manufacturing giant underwent digital transformation with Blueiot's RTLS system, improving efficiency and safety.



Blueiot Hospital Tracking System offers numerous benefits to hospitals, enhancing operations, and providing convenient services to visitors. Its high accuracy, capacity, broad ecosystem, low power consumption, and small size make it a cost-effective solution for hospitals. The real-life case studies demonstrate how Blueiot's RTLS system has helped various industries improve their operations and safety. If you're looking for a reliable and efficient hospital tracking system, consider choosing Blueiot.

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