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An Introduction to Bluetooth Beacon Tracking in Industrial Settings


Are you curious to know about the latest technological advancements in industrial settings? If yes, then brace yourself as we take you on a journey into one of the most fascinating innovations - Bluetooth beacon tracking! As industries are getting more and more complex, traditional tracking methods have become obsolete. But with Bluetooth beacon technology, businesses can now leverage real-time data for effective decision-making. In this blog post, we will introduce you to the basics of Bluetooth beacon tracking and its applications in various industrial sectors.

Why Is Bluetooth Beacon Tracking?

Bluetooth Beacon Tracking is a technology that allows for the tracking of objects or people in an industrial setting. Bluetooth Beacon Tracking works by emitting a unique identifier that can be tracked by a receiver. The receiver can then use this identifier to track the movement of the object or person.

What Are Bluetooth Receivers?

Bluetooth receivers are small, low-energy devices that can be used to track people or objects in industrial settings. They are often used in factories and other workplaces to track the movements of workers and equipment. 


Benefits of Bluetooth Beacon Tracking for Industrial Businesses


Bluetooth Beacon Tracking is a technology that allows businesses to track the movement of employees and assets in real time. By using Bluetooth receivers, businesses can keep tabs on where their employees are and what they’re doing. Additionally, by tracking equipment and assets, businesses can ensure that they’re not losing anything important.


There are a number of benefits to use Bluetooth Beacon Tracking in industrial settings:


1. Increased Safety: By monitoring employee movements, businesses can improve safety measures. If an employee falls or gets injured, the business will know about it quickly and can take appropriate action.


2. Efficiency: With Bluetooth Beacon Tracking, businesses can track equipment and assets more accurately than ever before. This saves time and money, as mistakes caused by misplacing or losing valuable equipment can be avoided.


3. Accuracy: Bluetooth Beacon Tracking tags are highly accurate. This means that even small movements can be tracked with relative ease.


4. Reduced Costs: By reducing the amount of time needed to track equipment and assets, businesses can save money on both the short-term and long-term scales.



This article provides an overview of how Bluetooth beacon tracking works and explains some of its benefits. In fact, real time tracking system has become a powerful tool that can be used in industrial settings and there are more technical methods to realize it, including Bluetooth AoA (Angle of Arrival) technology which supports more accurate locating and tracking. As one of the leading location-based service providers, we have made great breakthroughs in Bluetooth AoA tracking. If you are interested in using Bluetooth tracking in your industrial setting, please do not hesitate to contact Blueiot.
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