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Revolutionizing Indoor Location Tracking: Blueiot's BLE Angle of Arrival Technology


In today's fast-paced world, the need for precise and efficient indoor location tracking has never been more critical. At Blueiot, we understand this demand and have harnessed cutting-edge technology to provide a solution that stands out in the crowd: BLE Angle of Arrival (AoA). In this article, we'll delve into the revolutionary features of Blueiot's BLE Angle of Arrival and how it's transforming the landscape of indoor positioning.


The Power of BLE Angle of Arrival

Blueiot's BLE Angle of Arrival (AoA) technology is a game-changer in the realm of indoor location tracking. Unlike traditional methods, which may leave room for inaccuracies, our AoA technology offers unparalleled precision, with typical accuracy ranging from 0.1 to 0.5 meters. This means you can pinpoint the location of assets or devices with sub-meter precision, a level of accuracy that's indispensable in various industries.

Applications Galore

The versatility of Blueiot's BLE Angle of Arrival technology makes it the ideal choice for a wide array of industries. Healthcare facilities can benefit from the pinpoint accuracy to track equipment and personnel efficiently. In the manufacturing sector, it ensures that every item's location is known with precision, improving workflow and reducing operational costs. Retailers can enhance their inventory management and create immersive shopping experiences for their customers. The transportation industry can utilize AoA technology for tracking goods and optimizing logistics, while public security can ensure the safety of crowded events and public spaces. The possibilities are limitless, and Blueiot's AoA technology makes it all achievable.

Comparing AoA to RSSI Beacon Technology

Let's take a closer look at how our BLE Angle of Arrival technology stands against Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI) beacon technology. While RSSI technology relies on the strength of the Bluetooth signal to estimate distances, it falls short in terms of accuracy, typically providing location data within a 5 to 10-meter range. In contrast, our AoA technology's accuracy is unmatched, allowing you to track with precision in the sub-meter range.

The Technical Details


Blueiot's BLE AoA is compatible with various devices, including mobile phones, bracelets, watches, and beacons. It operates on Bluetooth 5.1 for anchors and BT 4.0+ for tags, ensuring high compatibility and accuracy. With a high refresh rate, you can enjoy real-time tracking, while low power consumption makes it cost-effective in the long run. The anchor cost is also reasonable, and the tag cost remains low, making it accessible for a wide range of businesses. Moreover, our AoA technology supports IoT anchor capabilities, a feature not present in RSSI beacon technology, providing an extra edge for the Internet of Things applications.


Why Choose Blueiot


Choosing Blueiot's BLE Angle of Arrival technology means opting for unparalleled precision, compatibility, and cost-efficiency in indoor location tracking. Whether you're in healthcare, manufacturing, retail, transportation, or public security, our technology can cater to your specific needs and offer the level of precision required for your location tracking tasks.



Blueiot's BLE Angle of Arrival technology is a game-changer in indoor positioning, offering sub-meter accuracy, high compatibility, and low cost. Its applications span across various industries, ensuring efficient asset tracking and location-based services. Embrace the future of indoor location tracking with Blueiot's revolutionary AoA technology.                    

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