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Improve Patient Safety and Resource Allocation with Blueiot's Patient Tracking Systerm


Patients require comprehensive care, both physically and mentally, while staying at a healthcare facility. Ensuring their safety and promoting the efficiency of emergency care are crucial aspects of their treatment. To achieve this, healthcare providers need to monitor their health condition closely and track their location in real-time. This is where real-time location systems (RTLS) come into play.


Introducing Blueiot's Patient Tracking System

Blueiot's patient tracking system employs Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to monitor the location and movement of patients within a healthcare facility. By attaching BLE tags to patients, healthcare providers can track their movements and communicate with BLE anchors or gateways installed throughout the facility. This information is transmitted to the patient tracking software system, allowing healthcare providers to optimize patient flow and resource allocation.

Benefits of Blueiot's RTLS in Patient Tracking

The use of Blueiot's patient tracking system enables healthcare providers to improve patient safety, optimize patient flow, and allocate resources more efficiently. By monitoring vital signs like temperature and heart rate, staff can be informed of any abnormal changes. Accurate locating ensures that patients can be found quickly if they get lost or stuck somewhere. A click of the button on the locating tag by patients allows them to request help instantly. Additionally, an alarm will be triggered if patients step out of the safety zone or near unauthorized areas. Trajectory analysis supports playback for behavior analysis of patients, especially those with mental disorders. Lastly, infant security is ensured through the use of safe, comfortable, and harmless wristbands that record their identity and monitor their location.



The implementation of Blueiot's patient tracking system using RTLS technology is essential for healthcare providers looking to enhance patient safety and optimize the allocation of resources. By monitoring vital signs, tracking location, and providing one-click access to help, patients can feel secure and receive the appropriate care quickly. Furthermore, the ability to analyze patient behavior and improve infant security is an added advantage. Healthcare providers need to adopt innovative solutions such as Blueiot's patient tracking system to ensure top-notch care for their patients. 

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